What is your vision with Arstea?

We believe in win-win situations; what we will exactly do is bring light onto underrated talent of Indian youth and help them get a platform which would benefit artist, our platform and the end user.

Why should you collaborate with Artsea?

No costs to join, no fix hours of working, full flexibility.
Earnings not limited per month.
Platform to connect with all the artists around the country.
Real simple User Interface and personalized dashboard.
Copyright still belongs to you.
Recognition you get when you people buy your merchandise

How do I join as an Artist?

You will have to register at www.artsea.in/artist/
Our team will give you a call in case your profile is selected and will explain how does it work and once you’re on-board, you will receive a link to dashboard along with a tutorial of dashboard.

What will Artsea do behind the scenes?

We will sponsor your artwork, create your merchandise, shoot it, promote it, advertise it, generate the customer base and thereby make money and recognition for the artist as well as our platform.

I registered but didn't get any mail or callback. What should I do?

Every artist registration goes through a rigorous screening process before getting a mail or a call from our team, we are looking for something very specific and hence if we didn’t call you, it might mean our team wants some other taste. In case you think you deserve a call, just mail us at [email protected] or call us at +91-9099372248.

What is preferred file format?

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

How can I show my artwork if I don't have Behance/Instagram?

Once you have registered, you can also immediately send us some of your existing artwork by emailing at [email protected] This helps us coming back to you with the most relevant of details.

Who decided the price of all the products on website if it has my artwork on it?

Artsea is authorized to do that after considering the sponsor amount, marketing cost, and other expenses invested in your design.

How and when do I get paid?

All the artists will be paid via bank transfer and the amount will be transferred in 15 days after the delivery of the product has been made.

How do I keep track of my sales and royalty?

You can check the number of orders, royalty rate decided by the Artsea team as well as commission earned on sale on the main page of your personalized dashboard itself. Also, you will sent an entire sales report every Tuesday on you registered email address.

Who retains the rights to the art submitted?

Only you retain the rights to the artwork submitted by you.

How do I promote my artwork?

Word of Mouth has been proven to be highest selling point in the era of online shopping. So notify all your fans, friends, family, family friends, real friends, fake friends, Facebook friends, friends with benefits, friends without benefits, followers, tweeters, Instagramers, and every random person you know to share your collection on Artsea by simple sharing a link to your own digital store.