Artists Of Artsea

Artsea was a dream. It still is in a way.

We have handpicked some of the highly talented artists across nation. They may be underrated but are incredible in their own styles of expression.

Here's a quick sneak peak to their profiles. Click on their faces, view their storefronts. Shower them some love, would you?

If you also would like to be one of us, join us in this venture. Let's truly form a sea of art!
aditi pawar

Aditi Pawar

We also like to call her a Psychedelic Geek. She is committed to give her artwork a trippy doze, like you do to yourself, on weekends! ;)
aishwarya shetty

Aishwarya Shetty

Muddled and versatile and fierce and gentle and oh god, all at once!
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Valine Punamia

An artist who knows exactly what you need. She's a fashion enthusiast, a stylist, a make up goddess and satisfies creative needs of Artsea customers really effortlessly.


The mad in the head. The whizz-kid at Artsea. The man himself. The whisper of your heart. The sucker for art.
Anuj Gothi


He's a master of image manipulation. He will play it like a pro, show you what you saw and never realised. He will take you the fantasy world you always imagined. Are you ready?


You will think he is outstanding. We think he is more than just that. Man here is a man of few words but will they hit you? Like a wrecking ball.
Rakshita Rastogi

Quirky Monkey

Welcome the greek player! The quirky monkey has a classified style, unbeatable and out of the any box we ever came across. Her aesthetics are loud and fancy but mostly BRILLIANT!


There are words like funny and entertaining and then there are words like hilarious and humorous and punny and this guy, is all of it. Apnapun is the pun store you were looking for all your life. ALL OF IT.

Curly Brain Illustrator

The poster maker and sometimes your mood. A dedicated illustrator, a highly versatile man. He likes to call himself Curly Brain Illustrator. His work screams it.

Bhumi Pansuriya

A graphic designer with genius skills of playing with colours and shapes. She keeps it subtle. She does it effortlessly. She does it expertly. She does it on all of our products.

Namit Halakhandi

Exceptionally satisfying the fan art needs of the millennials. Boy spectacularly, seriously!

Team Artsea

Lastly, Team Artsea does it! We know what you need. We know how to do it. You can always count on us! Artsea originals makes the most relatable content ever!